Clayton USA

“We put our guitar picks through some serious abuse on stage. We need durable and reliable picks that deliver each and every show. To say Steve Clayton picks are up to such a task would be an understatement. These picks are seriously awesome! The company’s attention to detail, precision, and style, with regard to their entire product line, is remarkable and we’re truly honored to be among the ranks of Clayton endorsed artists.” — The Upset Victory

Excited to have partnered with Clayton USA for all of our guitar accessory and pick needs!

What’s YOUR favorite piece of gear fellow musician friends??


Finished tracking the NEW album!

Huge thanks to Brock Berryhill, Evan Coffman, & YOU, our supporters, for helping bring these songs to life. An epic experience would be an understatement.

We are officially done tracking our first full-length album. Brand new songs are on the way and we couldn’t be more excited! This new material is a huge step for our band on so many levels and cannot wait for you to share this experience with us.

As always, the journey continues…

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Neat little panoramic shot from the last day of tracking at Starlight Studios in Orlando, Fl [tracking group vocals].

+to our TUV family

Tomorrow we leave to record our first full-length record, and our eighth studio release, w/ the same production team that brought our ‘Wall Street’ EP to life. We couldn’t be more excited! Before we get out of town we wanted to thank all of our wonderful Kickstarter supporters.

Together we created this album. The journey continues…

+ The Upset Victory


Kickstarter Success | Thank You


This particular milestone has been years in the making. We’ve accomplished a lot in our relatively short tenure as band, but, we’d have to say, seeing our supporters rally around a unified goal such as this has to be at the top of our list for special moments. As cliche as might be to say, we truly could not have done this without YOU. And, for that we are truly grateful.

From your generous support, passion, and enthusiasm – you all brought your “A game” to this campaign and it certainly paid off. We truly appreciate every contribution, tweet, email, phone call, text message, status update, etc. that was sent regarding TUV and this campaign.

We’re ready to take on 2015 and the success of this Kickstarter certainly was a great way to kick off the New Year. We’ve put in a lot of hard work, time, and ourselves into this music. Ecstatic is an understatement for the way we feel about this new album.

We spent the past year writing and doing pre-production for this release – a journey that took us back to Orlando this past Fall and now will see us return to Orlando a week from today to continue this journey. Our team is at the top of their game. Rest assured that your contributions will be put to use effectively.
We truly can’t thank you enough for your time and contributions.

There’s a lot of great things in the works for when we return home and we look forward to conquering 2015 with you!

Together we created this album.

+ The Upset Victory

*Special tribute to all of our wonderful donors coming!



The day has come friends and we have a huge announcement…

We’ll be recording our first full-length album next month. It’s amazing to think about, but we started this band in 2006. It’s taken us on a crazy journey – countless shows, recordings, travels, new friendships, and experiences we never thought possible. This has been in part due to YOU and for that we thank you. We want YOU to be an integral part of this process via Kickstarter.

We thought long and hard about crowdfunding and decided it was the best approach for us. It’s a process in which supporters can see exactly where their money is going and can actively be a part of our creative process in a fun and engaging way. In essence, YOU will be our record label. NO middlemen, NO B.S., and NO corners cut. This is honest music being supported by YOU – our supporters, family, and friends.

This also gives us the chance to reward you with all sorts of exclusives: come to the studio and record with us, private shows, limited merchandise, even a guitar giveaway, and a whole lot more.

Even after the funds have been raised, the hard work has only just begun and there’s still a lot of funds on our end that have to be accounted for. The funds raised on Kickstarter are covering just the bare bones of what we need. The beauty of this though is that together we can have total control of our future.

Help us reach this milestone in our career, usher in a new era for our band, and be a part of our first ever LP.

YOU can be our record label.

Together we can create this album – here’s to YOU and conquering 2015 together!